If you missed the annual meeting, we unveiled an introductory video of some possible renovations to our space here at Zumbro.

The presenters, Kirk Gill and Teresa McCormack, did an excellent job of helping us visualize these renovations.

They explained some of the main reasons why these renovations are being proposed: easier access to all levels of the facility, additional room for traffic flow during busy times, and larger gathering rooms on the main level of the building.

Kirk and Teresa were quick to point out that the renovations are far from a finished product. In fact, they mentioned Listening Posts that will be coming up later this winter and spring in which the entire Building Visioning Team will want to hear your thought and suggestions.

In addition to possible renovations to our facility, we also discussed the possibility of developing our properties on the north side of Sixth Street. This development would be a way to help fund the renovation and to further serve the mission and ministry of Zumbro in downtown Rochester. This part of the building visioning process is just getting started.

We invite you to take a look at the introductory video above and join the conversation.

Upcoming Listening Posts