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On October 6, 2019 we launched the Our Church, Our Future campaign. This campaign provides support to keep Zumbro a vibrant and growing presence in our community.

The campaign consists of two focuses:

  • Our annual stewardship appeal for 2020. These are funds enables us to keep the lights on, support the staff, and engage in ministry and mission in Rochester and beyond. This is a one-year commitment, much like we’ve been doing for the past several years.
  • A second part of the Our Church, Our Future campaign involves a building renovation project. This giving is over and above our regular giving to Zumbro. It’s normally spaced out over three years. We see these as once-in-a-generation gifts, shoring up our platform for ministry and mission in this generation and the next.

Read more in Pastor Vern’s letter, The Way Things Look From Here-October 2019

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