These three days offer powerful times of praying, storytelling, and singing. They include any number of dramatic moments such as the stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday, the pounding of the nails on Good Friday, and the procession of light during the Easter Vigil. As these dramatic moments unfold, it’s as if worshippers are transported to a different place and time.

Maundy Thursday

March 29 | 5:30pm and 7pm

A dramatic reenactment of the Last Supper is back with much anticipation. There will be hand washing to signify Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and Holy Communion will be served.

Good Friday

March 30 | 7pm

We will journey to the cross carrying with us our sins and struggles.

*There is also a community service at Calvary Episcopal Church, Rochester at 12pm.

Easter Vigil

March 31 | 7pm

Participate in a Procession of Light and hear stories of the Bible re-told in interactive and creative ways. Holy   Communion will be served.