Vern Christopherson

Director Pastor

Pastor Vern started at Zumbro in August 2009. He and his wife Brenda have two children, Erik and Ingrid. When not working he likes to golf, take photographs, and hike in the mountains. Jeremiah 29:11 is Pastor Vern’s favorite scripture.




Jason Bryan-Wegner


Pastor Jason began at Zumbro in July 2010. He and his wife have two children, Eliana and Will. Pastor Jason enjoys golf, singing, traveling, reading, and being outside. His favorite Bible story is when Jesus calls his first disciples (Luke 5:1-11).




Lisa Kipp


Pastor Lisa starting working at Zumbro in 2000. Her family includes her husband John and their three sons, Jack, Will, and Charlie. Pastor Lisa rollerblades and watches sports (football and basketball) in her free time. Her favorite scripture is Psalm 46:10.




Shelley Cunningham


Pastor Shelley began working at Zumbro in February 2010. She has three children, Megan, Micah, and Mia. You can often find her cooking, golfing, exercising, and working on a puzzle. Pastor Shelley’s favorite Scripture is Romans 5:3-5.





Kristy Giere

Music Minister

Kristy started working at Zumbro in 1993. She and her husband Bob have two daughters, Erikka and Alysson, a son-in-law, Joel, and a granddaughter, Ingrid. In her free time, Kristy can be found reading, working out, attending concerts, or at her cabin with family. Her favorite Bible story is the Annunciation.




Ruth Monson

Congregational Life Minister

Ruth began at Zumbro in November 2015. She likes to travel, cook, read, garden, practice yoga, and attend concerts. She and her husband Glenn have two daughters, Abby and Catherine and a son-in-law Jack. Her favorite Bible story is John 6: the feeding of 5,000.





Allison Passon

Communications Director

Allison began working at Zumbro in June 2014. She and her husband Brandon have a son Bennett. She spends her spare time reading blogs, giving fashion advice, organizing, and exercising. Her favorite Bible story is from John 4 when Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at the well.




Janette Reeves

Family Minister

Janette starting working at Zumbro in December 1992. She has two sons, Zac and Grant. Her hobbies are singing, exercising, and reading. Her favorite scripture is Romans 8:35-39.




Connie Saunders

Administrative Assistant

Connie began in March 1997. Her family includes her husband Bob, children, Andy and Abbie, daughter-in-law, Melissa,  and grandchildren, Kaycee, Mitchell, Isabel, Jakob,  Isaac. She likes to spend her time watching Days of Our Lives and traveling with friends. Her favorite Bible story is when Jesus blesses the little children.



Tracy Schar

Business Manager

Tracy started in September 2014. He and his wife Jeannie have two children, Alexandria and Thackery. Tracy enjoys kayaking, writing, and reading in his spare time. His favorite scripture is Ezekiel 1:1.





Robert Schneider

Maintenance Lead







Ryan Flemke









Barb Desens

Nursery Coordinator








Karla Dexter

Office Assistant








Bob Giere

Music Associate and Director of the Zumbro Lutheran Choir







Kamen Makuer

Dinka Lay Evangelist






Ralph Schornack

Music Assistant