Zumbro Lutheran is delighted to bring your child into the family of God through the sacrament of Holy Baptism. It’s a time to celebrate new life, to remember our own baptisms, and to make commitments to nurture the faith of the newly baptized. Contact the church office to schedule a baptism.

Three-Year-Old + Third Grade Bibles

In baptism, parents promise to put the Word of God into their child’s hands. We support parents in this promise by giving the Spark Story Bible to three-year-olds and the Hand’s On Bible (NLT) to 3rd graders. A family class on Sunday morning or Wednesday night helps introduce the students and parents to their new bible and gives tips on how to use it daily. Contact Janette Reeves with interest and for more information.


We are committed to life-long learning and growing in faith. In this spirit, we offer a Holy Communion class to 5th graders and their parents. We are offering two opportunities to take the class and deepen your understanding of this incredible gift of remembrance from Jesus as a family. The class explores the origins of and meaning behind Holy Communion and it includes baking communion bread as well.

If your children of any age show signs of being ready to take communion, please contact Pastor Jason or Janette Reeves. We will meet with your family individually to talk about what communion means and how it strengthens our faith. Then you can decide as a family if the time is right for your children to join us in this sacrament during worship.

Affirmation of Baptism

Confirmation is all about learning who God is and why faith makes a difference in your life. Classes meet Wednesdays during the school year. During the three-year confirmation process (grades 7-9), students, adult mentors, and teachers will explore the Bible, learn how to pray, serve, study the catechism, and have tons of fun. Contact Pastor Shelley to learn more about this program.



Members of Zumbro Lutheran Church offered their expertise and perspectives on topics most helpful for people preparing for retirement, but also helpful to anyone who wants to think about retirement or who is already retired.

Funerals + Memorials

One of our goals at Zumbro is to help people with end of life matters. We offer an Ending Well workshop annually to assist in making preparations. When a loved one dies, a pastor gathers with the family to offer comfort and support, and to make funeral plans. People choose either burial or cremation. A growing number at Zumbro are having their loved one inurned at the Zumbro Columbarium.  Contact Pastor Vern Christopherson for more information.