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Sermon Series: Songs for the Summer

The book of Psalms was the hymnbook of ancient Israel and the early church. When they wanted to sing and pray, this was their resource. The themes of the hymns range from praise to lament to the coronation of the king. This summer we will take a look at a few of those ancient hymns, and examine their message in light of the changing world in which we live. We hope you are engaged and refreshed by that message.


Sunday, July 1

Holy Communion
Preaching: Pastor Vern Christopherson
Music: Mia Suzuki, vocalist

Wednesday, July 4

No Worship

Sunday, July 8

Preaching: Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner
Music: Ralph Schornack, vocalist; Susan and Corey Henke, piano/horn duo

Wednesday, July 11

Preaching: Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner

Sunday, July 15

Holy Communion with Prayers for Healing
Preaching: Marne Gade, Zumbro member
Music: Spencer Ketterling, bassoon; Susan Henke, piano

Wednesday, July 18

Holy Communion
Preaching: Pastor Shelley Cunningham

Sunday, July 22

Preaching: Pastor Vern Christopherson
Summer Hymn Sing
Music: Paul Bye, alto saxophone

Wednesday, July 25

Preaching: Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner

Sunday, July 29

Preaching: Carolyn Isaak, Zumbro member
Music: Mary and Abby Schneekloth, harp