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Worship Time Changes

Categories: News

These changes go into effect Sunday, Sept. 10 and Wednesday, Sept. 13.


8:30-9:25am: Worship

9:35-10:20am: Faith Formation

10:30-11:25am: Worship


6:15-6:55pm: Worship

7-8pm: Faith Formation

We took a congregational survey at Zumbro this spring. Close to 400 of you participated. We were asking for feedback on everything from the Narrative Lectionary to the Big Idea Guide to worship times. Because church ministry seems more and more complicated these days, we wanted input from you as we consider possibilities for the future. If you haven’t read Pastor Lisa’s helpful summary of the survey, you can find it in the June newsletter.

Both the church council and staff have spent considerable time analyzing the survey. On the basis of your responses, there are a number of things that will remain the same:

  1. We will continue to offer the Big Idea Guide, encouraging individuals and families to read it with others whenever possible.
  2. 8:30am worship will stay at 8:30am. A majority of you felt strongly about this. Plus, 8:30am is the only time slot available for our radio broadcast, a ministry that is important to many in our congregation.
  3. We will continue to create murals for the front of the sanctuary. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to these murals.

In the midst of this continuity, we will try some experiments as well:

  1. We’re going to move 11am worship to 10:30am. We’ll do this by shortening our 8:30am worship time to 55 minutes, having 10 minutes between worship and education, and shortening the education hour to 45 minutes. In a nutshell, getting done at 12pm feels late in our culture, especially during the football season.
  2. 2) We’re going to serve coffee in the hallway after the 10:30am service. The majority of our newcomers attend our second service. Since worship will end by 11:25am, we hope this will provide more opportunity to build community.
  3. 3) We will actively explore live-streaming one or both of our worship services. There seems to be a growing interest in this.

On another note, we are moving our Wednesday worship to 6:15pm. This will allow us to start education and choir by 7pm. It also will get families on the way home no later than 8pm. This was one of our more difficult decisions because of varying work and family schedules.

These changes go into effect Sunday, Sept. 10 and Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Thanks again for your feedback. If the survey tells us anything, it tells us that it’s not “one size fits all” in today’s world. There are some things we hope to try in an effort to be as vibrant as possible. I encourage your patience as we jump in and put some of these changes to work.