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A Vision for 2019 and Beyond Conversation Video

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2 Responses to "A Vision for 2019 and Beyond Conversation Video"

  1. Larry and Bev Posted on 01/13/2019 at 11:11 pm

    Proceeding with only the “Essential Maintenance” projects is something we would not consider doing first. We would be “Uncommitted” with proceeding with only option 1. Combining both option 1 and 2 would be more desirable.

    1. Essential Maintenance “Add Wheelchair Lift” does address the accessibility issue only from the main entrance up to the 3rd (main) level, rest of the projects are similar to homeowner normal maintenance with the exception of “Pipe Organ Repair and Renewal” and “Renovate Existing Elevator”. Basically from an inside appearance perspective, no big change, outside appearance, large percentage of the population would walk in and not be able to notice the upgrades and repairs.

    2. Combining both the “Essential Maintenance” and “Enhancing Mission & Worship” option, we are “Committed”.

    3. We thought the “New, All-level Elevator” would service all the levels including the choir level knowing there would have to be some modification to the roof structure/design. If the new elevator will not service the choir level, this would eliminate the roof structure/design in that area. Installing a wheelchair lift somewhere in the hall from the 3rd/main level south of the Sanctuary lounge entrance door to accommodate handicap accessibility to the choir level would be an option.

    4. Solor panels would be a consideration only if some agreement can be worked out with RPU.

    5. Replacement of the Sanctuary tiles, which also includes the tiles outside of the Sanctuary and down the stairs to the Welcome area, only if additional tiles of the same design and color can no longer be obtained. Believe installing a sound loop somewhere other than in the floor tiles would be a far better consideration, mainly because technology is changing so fast and also from a maintenance standpoint.

    6. In order to eliminate the need to continue maintaining the outside handicap ramp especially when the underground ramp heating system is in need of repair/maintenance in the area where ice currently forms, install a ramp just inside the 4 entrance doors. Start the ramp just west of the inside entrance which would follow the windows along the west side, almost up to the lounge and proceed up to the coat room. It appears the grade would be code compliant. Currently surface water is seeping thru north outside walls into the classrooms and Rainbow School area 1st and 2nd floor. The area of the ramp and north could be redesigned to resolve this issue and maybe increase the loading/unloading area some. We also feel a canopy or roof over the loading/unloading are is necessary.

    7. Removing some of the walls and installing glass removable/sliding walls would greatly enhance the inside appearance..

  2. ZLC Publications Posted on 01/14/2019 at 3:58 pm

    Thank you for commenting. We have shared this with the Building Leadership Team in correspondence to the Building Focus Groups.