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The Meaning Found in a Symbol

Beyond Zumbro’s striking roof line, there is a structure on the property that is unique to Zumbro.

“It’s a red cross with rings that move.”

The Cross of Reconciliation has become a symbol the congregation finds identity in and is the main symbol of Zumbro’s brand and logo.

In 1966 when the blueprints for the current Zumbro building were being drawn, the theme of reconciliation—mending or healing that which was broken—was intentionally incorporated in many ways. The most visible to the public is the tall, red cross called The Cross of Reconciliation, designed just for Zumbro.

“Reconciliation is not new to the Church—it is, in a word, the Gospel,” says Rev. Lester Horntvedt, Zumbro pastor from 1967-2000.

The Cross of Reconciliation wasn’t designed to be a stationary structure, but rather it was designed to move and have fluidity, much like the people of God. The rings would be brought into alignment or “come together” during worship and would be set free or “scattered” the rest of the time. The coming together for worship, in Christ, is essential, but being scattered is also very important. “We have a responsibility to scatter—to bring Christ to the community and world,” according to Rev. Duane Hoven, Zumbro pastor from 1980-1993.

Health and healing has long been a major piece of Rochester’s identity. The Cross of Reconciliation was designed to share a message of healing and wholeness with the community—the healing and wholeness offered when in relationship with God—mirroring the message of bodily healing and wholeness at the Mayo Clinic. Throughout the years the cross has been repainted, oiled, cranked, and fixed, yet it has continued to share the message of Christ with Rochester.