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COVID-19 and Zumbro

Update March 20, 2020 |

We’re doing our best to try to keep up at Zumbro, but as we’re experiencing on a daily basis, COVID-19 is a moving target.

Here’s where we are as of Mar. 20, 2020:

1) Our in-person worship on Sundays and Wednesdays is suspended until further notice. We will stream 8:30 worship on Sunday and the noon Lenten worship on Wednesday. A small group will lead these services. You can watch them live or at any time thereafter on Zumbro’s webpage

2) For those not able to stream, we will continue to broadcast the Sunday 8:30 service on 1520AM, KOLM. I apologize in advance because our radio broadcast has not been dependable lately. That saddens me because I know the radio broadcast is important to many of you.

3) Because our regular worship life is on hold, we expect that giving—both to our general fund and our building fund—will be affected. Depending on your current financial situation, I encourage you to be as generous as possible.

There are three easy ways to give to Zumbro:
          Mail your offering to the church.
Make a gift or set up recurring giving on our website.
          Use your smartphone and text ZUMBRO to 73256.

4) The Personnel Team has made the decision to continue to pay our staff, including hourly staff, at their defined compensation. Be sure to pray for the staff as they figure out new ways to lead and serve in such a time as this.

5) We will reassess our worship plans in early April, before the start of Holy Week. Sad to say, but right now we are not expecting to resume in-person worship by then.

6) Zumbro is closed for group gatherings. If you need to enter the building, call the office at 507-288-2649 and make an appointment. A custodian will accompany you to the location you need to go. The custodial staff are working hard to keep the facility sanitized.

7) We plan to provide suggestions for ways to practice our faith in these uncertain times. We have already started a variety of online gatherings for children, youth, and families. Check the website regularly.

8) A few staff are working in the building, but the majority are working from home. Staff email addresses are on the website. To phone a staff person, call the office at 507-288-2649 and follow the prompts. You will either be forwarded to that person directly or you can leave a message.

9) In case of an emergency, please call the church office and—depending on a facility’s current visitation policy—a pastor will make every effort to see you or a loved one.

10) In light of the latest restrictions on group size from the CDC, Zumbro will refrain from holding funerals. Instead, we will encourage graveside services and then planning a Celebration of Life at a later date.

11) Many of you have asked how you can be of help. Thank you for your care and concern. At this point, we are lining up pen pals to send out notes to our homebound. Sign up on the website and Ruth Monson will be in touch. Other possibilities are Mission Mondays and Open Table. We’ll keep you posted.

All of these efforts are an important part of being the church in this time and place. Hopefully, they demonstrate a concern, not only to care for ourselves, but to care and love our neighbors. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Together we are building bridges of understanding and peace, reaching out with compassion, and sharing the hope of Jesus.

 In the strong name of Jesus,

Pastor Vern Christopherson