Church Address: 624 Third Ave. SW, Rochester, MN 55902      Phone: (507) 288-2649

Programs and Worship Schedule

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Daily at 12pm Pause for prayer wherever you are. Bring God’s peace and mercy to mind as you deal with the stress of all the “new norms” to this time. 


Sunday Worship Live Stream at 8:30am or anytime after.  Watch Here! 

Sunday Night: Family Night, March 22: 7 PM (Family Faith Talk, Game, and Prayer) on zoom.  This Sunday, we’ll talk about faith themes in Frozen II! We’re sure you’ll have some time to watch it by Sunday! 


Mission Mondays -Each week we will offer a way for individuals or families to serve in mission together. Check out the website for info on how you can love your neighbor. It’s going to be important to reach out with compassion in new ways. 

Middle School Monday Lunch Break with Jen and Pastor Shelley (12:15-12:30 PM) on Zoom. Take a break from your online work 6th-8th graders and join us for 15 minutes of check-in, a quick game, and prayer on Zoom. 


A moment for mindfulness: 12pm daily. Older Youth and Adults join one of our staff or leaders for a 10-minute pause for prayer to center your day on Zoom. 

Totally Awesome Games and Prayer: Gather family or kids and youth around the tablet for a game break 7pm on Zoom.


Worship and Discussion– Livestream at 12pm (or online any time after that) Watch Here! 

High School Tea and Coffee Break with Jen (10:30-10:45am) on Zoom. 9th-12th graders. Take a moment for a game, to check-in and to pray together. 


Storytime for kids and families: Listen to a story, sing a song or two with some friends. 11:30am on Zoom.

OpenTable: The need for food in our vulnerable communities is especially needed right now. We’re looking for high school students and adults (who are 100% healthy and without any underlying health issues) join us in serving burritos  Sign Up to Volunteer Here