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Samaritan Bethany Needs Masks

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A message from Dean Stenehjem at Samaritan Bethany Foundation

CLICK HERE for the directions about how to make masks

Greetings Church Partners;

We need your help! We are running very short on protective face masks and won’t be able to get an order delivered for quite some time. This is literally a ‘life-saving’ issue for our staff and residents. We are asking all our Church Partners to help out, so it isn’t just one church sewing for us, but we really are counting on you! We hope you would pass this request on to any quilting or sewing groups you may have, and to your general congregation. Your help is crucial!

We can use as many masks as you can make! We have over 150 residents and 250 staff, so you can see that it Is no small number. If you don’t have elastic cord feel free to make cloth ties for around the ears; four ties, at least 18’ long.

See below for the times you can drop them off at the Samaritan Bethany reception desk. If you want us to pick them up from your home let us know when you’ve got a bunch and we can send someone by to pick them up from your front porch, or other easily accessible location. Contact Rita Hawkins in our Foundation office and she’ll make the arrangements: or 507-923-4723. Don’t call me for sewing instructions! Calling Rita would be much better.

Much appreciated! – All the best to you all! Blessings!Dean StenehjemFoundation and Development Team Leader Samaritan Bethany Foundation