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Samaritan Bethany Needs

Categories: How You Can Help

Greetings All,

Some of you have asked how you can help Samaritan Bethany now that we’ve been isolating for a few weeks.  Thank you for your concern;  here are a few ways you can help and support us:

·         Prayers!  Thankfully we are COVID19 free. But that could change at any time. Staff has been very diligent about their own safety, and the safety of our residents. We are lucky to have a Leadership Team that took this very seriously right from the start and implemented the distancing and isolation early on.  It’s paying off!

·         Face masks – We need more now as the ones we have are starting to wear-out; and then there is the possibility that at some point our residents may need them too.  So that would mean at least 250 more!  We have a pattern if someone needs it, and we may have a supply of elastic for the ear loops. Call Rita at Samaritan Bethany 923-4723 for pick up or any questions.  We also have a need to repair some of the masks. It should be an easy sewing job. PPE continues to be a concern, we are purchasing what we can when it’s available, but we aren’t on the top of the chain of who’s getting supplies. Hand sanitizer is tough to get too.

·         Greeting cards to our residents. They can be mailed, dropped off at reception, or we can pick them up. Call Rita, 923-4723 for pick up or any questions. They enjoy getting mail.

·         We are so blessed to have a great staff, and we express our appreciation to our hard-working and dedicated staff in many different ways. If you would like to help us with staff appreciation, call Sue Knutson, our Mission Leader/CEO to discuss ways  your congregation could join us; 289-5042 Ext. 4103. Staff Thank You cards would be great! Any food products are always appreciated but would have to come straight from the producer. Unfortunately we can no long accept home-made goodies. Shoot!

·         The week of May 10th is the Homes for the Aging Week. It’s always a fun time to remember we are a part of this community/neighborhood and celebrate the fact we live in a great country. It’s a celebration of those who sacrificed for us. Normally the residents and staff dress up and have ‘a parade on Broadway’ with their wheelchairs and walkers all decorated in festive patriotic colors. They have a great time waving at motorists and businesses and encouraging them to honk and wave. It’s not going to happen that way this year! We hope to have a ‘reverse, drive-by parade’ instead. We’d like people, motorists and others parade around our block in festive and patriotic colors. Residents would be socially distanced at windows and balconies to see and feel the support of our ‘senior community; and that they are valued by others and not forgotten. We’ll let you more about this as our plans progress.

·         Communication with family and loved ones is important to our residents. We are doing what we can to enable them to Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Messenger, etc. with their families.  We could use more Wi-Fi enabled tablets that our staff can use to help them make those connections. In some cases staff is having to use their own phone to make this happen, and that’s not good practice. 

·         Prayers!  Did I already mention that?!  We can never get enough! We are blessed to have your support.

·         FYI – Did you know that each of your Sunday worship services are being broadcasted on our internal TV channel?  Every day there is at least one service being broadcasted on our Channel 2. Response has been very positive.  Thank you for sharing!  It would be great if during your greeting or intro each Sunday that you could give a ‘shout-out’ to your friends at Samaritan Bethany. They would get a kick out of that and feel included!

I know we are just one of your many missions, and we greatly appreciate all that you do for us and other locally and globally. We are the oldest senior care facility in town (100th Anniversary in 2022) and the only one supported by so many great congregations! We pray that you all are safe and healthy.

Feel free to forward this to other staff, council members and/or your congregation.

You may not know, but I’m working from home. You can email me, or call me on my cell phone 254-1603; or you can call Rita at Samaritan Bethany 923-4723 or Sue 289-5042 Ext. 4103.

Blessing to you all…