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Parenting Forum

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Hi Zumbro Parents, 

You’re Invited to join us for the Surviving (and maybe even thriving?) at Parenting During a Pandemic Speaker Forum starting Wednesday, May 13 at 8:30pm.

If you’re able please register here:


There was an article bouncing around the cyber world a few weeks ago titled, The Parents Are Not Alright. Whether that’s a true statement for you, or not, at this exact moment, know we see you and hear you…we see the ways you’re balancing loving your kids (whose world just turned upside down), keeping them (and others) safe, getting your work done or facing realities of employment changes (while homeschooling), planning and unplanning summer plans, making sure everyone is eating and that all the milestones are being celebrated in a new way… and somehow some of you are still making it to Livestream worship occasionally (if not regularly)?  You ALL are parents of the year, truly. This is hard. We think you’re all superheroes-and probably tired and weary ones.  

Whether you’re changing diapers or steaming a cap and gown for your kid (that may never be worn for a ceremony) or anything in between-we hope you take these next 4 Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM (for just one hour) to invest in yourself a bit.  

We have gathered a really great group of speakers who love kids and believe in parents and know that we cannot do this journey alone. Each of these speakers bring not only a lot of professional expertise, but also a shared faith that Jesus loves all the children of the world-including you (and yours).  

We will gather on ZOOM. This is totally free, no pre or post-work required (though we recommend you pouring yourself a glass of tea or wine or favorite quarantine snack) just bring your questions and weariness and love for your kids. We hope each night you will find nourishment and rest, a few helpful tools, and some encouragement.  

). We will send the ZOOM link out through email. If you can come to all of them: awesome! If only one: great!  

We look forward to gathering with you online. In the meantime, know you are loved, we are here for you and your family is being held close in our hearts and prayers. 

God’s Deep Peace,  

Zumbro’s Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Staff Team 

Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner, Pastor Shelley Cunningham, Janette Reeves and Jen Gruendler 

Surviving (and maybe even thriving?) Parenting During a Pandemic Speaker Forum:  

Join us for a 4 week study on Wednesday Nights (May 13-June 3) at 8:30 PM for one hour on Zoom for parents (and other caregivers).   Explore a variety of parenting needs (we will hear from some professionals in each topic), hopefully take away a few new tools, and be encouraged by others that you’re doing your best in this season. Speakers will make a short presentation and then follow up the time with questions and discussions.  Register on the Zumbro website! 

May 13: 

 Surviving Remote Learning for A Kid (and parent) Who Didn’t Choose It. (Talk to an educator about how you might help your kid stay engaged and successful in this season of online learning)  

SpeakerBrenda Wichmann, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Rochester Public School District. Brenda has worked for RPSD for over 28 years as both a teacher and administrator. Brenda lives in Rochester and is a member of Zumbro. 

May 20: 

Caring for our kid’s mental health while also making them honor social distancing. (Talk to a mental health professional about ways we can help our kids manage their feelings and anxiety, hear about red flags to look for, and how we might teach them some healthy coping skills for their future). 

 SpeakersSusan C. Jenkins, M.D. Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Medical Director of Bluestem Center for Child and Family Development, in Rochester, MN. Sue has decades of experience caring for children and adolescents and their families on their journey with mental and emotional wellness. Sue lives with her husband and dog in Rochester. AND Andy Johnsrud, Teacher and Parenting Educator. Andy helps parents, educators, service providers, and all people who care for kids gain practical, on-the-mark skills and ideas for helping to raise kids for the real world. Andy lives with his wife and kids in Rochester. Both Sue and Andy are Zumbro members.  

May 27:  

Help! How do I handle my anxious and independent (and most days awesome) college and/or older teenage kid who is home with almost no place to go? (Hear from a very  seasoned campus pastor who works with young adults about how to be most helpful to our (almost) grown up kids…bring your questions about how we can help our young adults stay well and ready for whatever the future might bring for them) 

Speaker: Rev. David Glenn-Burns-Campus Pastor and Director of ThreeHouse Collaborative Campus Ministries at UNI. Dave has been a Campus Pastor at University of Nothern Iowa for over 20 years where he has journeyed aside countless college-age adults in faith and life (and has parented his own young adult kids once too). Dave lives with his wife (also a pastor) in Cedar Fall, IA.  

June 3:  

How do parents stay healthy themselves in this season of uncertainty? (Parents and care givers are feeling all sorts of pressure right now-what are some ways you can keep yourself healthy and well, so that you can be the best self for your kid(s)?). 

Speaker: Rev. Christine Ruth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist focusing on individual, couples and family therapy.  Christine brings 20 years of experience as ELCA pastor, social worker, spiritual director and retreat coordinator, parent, hospice grief counselor, spouse, and marriage and family therapist. She currently lives with her family in Boulder, Colorado where she is in private practice.