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Notice of Congregational Meeting

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Notice of Congregational Meeting

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Dear People of Zumbro,

Our Constitution Update Team is working on bringing some changes to our constitution. Some of these changes are standard changes required by the ELCA, some are recommended by the ELCA, and some are being initiated by our team. Changes required or recommended by the ELCA can be approved with a single meeting, according to our constitution. Changes that we initiate must go through a two-step process, explained below.

Zumbro Church Council is calling a special meeting of the congregation to consider approving the required changes to update our 2018 constitution to align with the 2019 ELCA Model Constitution, and one recommended change that would allow us to meet electronically. See below:
This congregation may hold meetings by remote communication, including electronically and by telephone conference, as long as there is an opportunity for simultaneous aural communication. To the extent permitted by state law, notice of all meetings may be provided electronically.
According to our current constitution, an in-person meeting of the congregation is required to make these changes. In order to make this meeting as safe as possible, we have scheduled an outdoor meeting on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 11am (after the outdoor worship service). Our constitution requires 50 voting members for a quorum. Hopefully, this outdoor venue will allow for this to happen. In case of rain, we will move the meeting to Sunday, Sept. 6, at the same time and location.

Assuming approval, the Constitution Update Team will continue working on constitutional changes, especially in the area of virtual meetings that will allow us to safely and efficiently conduct business in the midst of COVID-19, a January snowstorm, or some other unforeseen challenge. While our preference will be to continue to hold in-person meetings whenever possible, we want to be able to include as many people as possible in this constitutional update process. Thus, during the remainder of 2020 and beyond, any proposed constitutional changes will be communicated to you, asking for your feedback along the way. If these changes seem fitting, then you will have a chance to vote on them at an upcoming virtual meeting of the congregation. Again, assuming these changes are approved, we will eventually look to ratify all the constitutional changes at an upcoming meeting of the congregation. Ratification requires a 2/3 majority vote. Ideally, this would happen at the 2021 annual meeting, but depending on the nature of our current pandemic, this meeting may need to be held virtually as well.

To see the proposed changes please review the constitution (CLICK HERE) with “required” changes in “yellow” and the one “recommended” change in “teal” (printed above). Please reach out with questions or comments to the Constitution Update Team: Noel Peterson (chair), Paul Godtland, Mary Schoenbeck, Pastor Vern Christopherson, and Shelley Sperling.

In Christ,
Shelley Sperling, Zumbro Council President
Pastor Vern Christopherson, Directing Pastor Zumbro Lutheran Church