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“Healing the Heart of Democracy”
Thursdays September 17 – October 22 at 9:30 and 6:30.


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Wednesdays this fall at 6:15pm.
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Book Study: Healing the Heart of Democracy

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Register for the 9:30am class. (Thursday mornings, Sept. 17-Oct. 22.)

Register for the 6:30pm class. (Thursday evenings, Sept. 17-Oct. 22.)

We’re in election season. So…do you ever have trouble talking politics with those who think differently than you? Do you worry about the sharp partisan divide affecting our country? Do you think there might be something to be gained by spending less time complaining about “them” and more time working to build bridges of understanding and peace?

Pastor Vern is going to lead a zoom Book Study on six Thursdays this fall – from September 17 – October 22. We’ll meet at two different times on Thursday: 9:30am and 6:30pm. We’ll read and discuss a book by Parker Palmer entitled Healing the Heart of Democracy.

Palmer is a sociologist and educator by trade. He also happens to be a Quaker. He is deeply committed to finding ways for Americans to talk and listen respectfully about the issues that divide us, and to commit ourselves to work together for the common good. If you join in on the conversation, you might not see all the divisive issues we’re facing get resolved, but perhaps you’ll have a better feeling about what steps we might take to be on the journey together. Be sure to let us know if you need us to order a copy of the book for you. The cost is $15.