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Phased Re-opening Plan

We continue to be vigilant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, ministry and the work of the gospel continues. In an effort to provide clearer guidance to staff, lay leadership, and community partners, a phased re-opening plan has been developed to guide decisions and planning. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC, state and local public health experts, as well as consult regularly with Zumbro’s COVID Advisory Team on an ongoing basis. This proposal is not a timeline, as much as it is a road map for what kinds of ministries we may engage in as conditions change in the coming months.

PHASE 1 – Primary Tenants/Mission Partners

The office remains open only to essential work.

In addition to above, building is available to Luther College, Rainbow School, LSS.

Moving to this tier is determined by our partners’/tenants’ preparedness plan and requisites for returning to the building. Masks and social distancing continue to be required.

Ministry outside the building:

  • Meetings and small group gatherings should happen primarily online.
  • Small-medium size (under 25) gatherings outside (with masks and socially distant) are permitted. Team and Staff Meetings can resume in person outside.

Phase 1  enacted by the expiration of Dial Back, MN order.

PHASE 2 – Youth Ministry and Scout Small Groups

CYF Ministry small groups, as well as Scout groups, that can remain in small group “pods” of less than 15, are able to use larger gathering spaces on all levels for ministry gatherings, faith formation, confirmation small groups, and mission projects. Availability is contingent on time and ability to vent and sanitize spaces between uses. No or limited food or beverages shared.

Rooms available for use: Kairos, Gathering Place, Sanctuary, Chapel, Fireside, Gym, Youth Room (former Middle School Lounge)

Ministry outside the building:

  • Larger (100 or less) gatherings outside (with masks and properly socially distant) are permitted. (ie: worship)
  • Small groups/house groups (no more than 3 households/pods) can gather inside, together, masked.
  • Overnights and/or farther experiences are permitted with latest COVID protocol including masks, pods, etc., and the direction of the COVID team (ie: youth mission trips, scouts camping, etc).
  • Small and COVID safe funerals/baptisms/etc. can happen safely inside alternative (non-Zumbro building) spaces.

Phase 2 can be enacted when positive test results are sustained below 10% for at least seven consecutive days.

PHASE 3 – Adult Small Group/Meetings and Outside Small Groups

Widening availability of adult small group gatherings for those who are healthy, and not in high-risk categories. Potential for small group gatherings of those in higher-risk populations with vaccination. Masks, social distancing, and sanitation of spaces between groups required.

Examples: Parenting small groups, young adult groups, Anonymous groups, Falu’s string studio

Large Group Confirmation classes resume in person

In-person Faith Formation opportunities available in the gym.

No food or beverages shared. Individual beverages may be enjoyed while mostly masked.

Team and Staff Meetings can resume in person.

Phase 3 can be enacted when positive test results are sustained below 5% for at least 7 consecutive days.

PHASE 4 Limited Larger Groups

Worship with masks and social distancing of 100 or less.

Weddings and funerals of 100 or less. No receptions or food or beverages shared.

Music still limited based on Health Department recommendations.

Consider use of building for other community groups (20 or less) based on availability.

Phase 4 can be enacted when positive test results are sustained below 5% for four weeks.

PHASE 5 – Return to Full Building Use

Based on recommendation of public health officials, public gatherings are deemed as safe as they were pre-pandemic.

Church schedule of full events, with full participation resumes.

Concerts, large congregational events, regular worship, and gatherings with food.