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A Discipleship Journey

A Discipleship Journey: Daily Activities for Lent 2021

Take Up Your Cross & Follow Jesus (Feb 17 – 23)

17 – It’s Ash Wednesday. Find some dust in your house. Make a cross in it with your finger (then clean it up)! 

18 – Read what it means to follow Jesus: Luke 9:23-24, 51-62; or “The Disciples” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 258). 

19 – Think: What would you miss the most if you dropped everything and followed Jesus? Talk about it! 

20 – Count the crosses you find in your home. Are there more than you expected or less? Select your favorite and move it to the kitchen table where it will be seen every day. 

21 – Pick an item to add to the Zumbro Food Box Project: 

22 – Listen (or sing): The Wonderful Cross (YouTube: Chris Tomlin or Michael W Smith) 

23 – Write an acrostic poem about ways you can show your faith; use the word ‘DISCIPLE’ 

Practicing Prayer (Feb 24 – March 2) 

24 – Read Luke 11:1-13; or “The Lord’s Prayer” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 278) 

25 – Hear a siren or see an emergency vehicle today? Say a prayer for the people who need help, and for the helpers. 

26 – Light a candle and watch the flame flicker. Say a prayer for people who need warmth. 

27 – Do a doodle prayer: Write words, names, or pictures of what’s on your heart. Your drawings are your prayers to God! 

28 – Scatter grains of salt into a bowl of water. Think of things that make you sad & ask God to be with you when you cry. 

1 – Sometimes we pray by doing. Sign up to add to the Zumbro Food Box Project: 

2 – Call someone you care about and ask them to name three things you can pray for. Then do it. 

Giving Generously (March 3 – 9) 

3 – Read Luke 18:18-27; or “The Parable of the Rich Man” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 386) 

4 – Make a list of charities that you would like to (or already do!) support. How do they help? 

5 – Today is 3/5 … find 3-5 gently used items you can donate to charity today.  

6 – Add one item for each member of your household to the Zumbro Food Box Project: 

7 – Surprise someone you live with by doing something kind for them. 

8 – Bring an item to Zumbro’s Little Free Pantry (or pray for people who will use the pantry today). 

9 – How old are you? Make a donation in that amount (in whole dollars if you can; or a factor of 10) 

Welcoming Others (March 10 – 16) 

10 – Read Luke 5:27–32; or “Jesus Blesses the Children” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 328) 

11 – Listen (or sing): All Belong Here (YouTube: The Many) 

12 – Add to the Zumbro Food Box Project: 

13 – Draw a picture of what the world at peace would be like.  

14 – Do you know your neighbors? Pick one and write them a note to introduce yourself. 

15 – Make a list of qualities that make people feel welcome. Which one do you do best? 

16 – Go on a short ‘welcome walk’ and smile/say hi to as many people as you can! 

Trying Not To Judge (March 17 – 23) 

17 – Read Luke 6:37–42. Draw images that relate to what you hear. Does that help you understand what Jesus is saying? 

18 – Add to the Zumbro Food Box Project: 

19 – Watch Brene Brown’s video about empathy (Google: Brene Brown empathy video) 

20 – Take a drive and notice people in the cars around you. What do you assume about them based on what you see? 

21 – What does it mean to you to ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?’ Put on a pair belonging to someone else in your house and give it a try. Then talk about how we might practice being compassionate. 

22 – Read the 8th Commandment and Martin Luther’s explanation of it in the Small Catechism. (Google: Martin Luther Small Catechism PDF) 

23 – Pray that God will help you accept people just as they are (and forgive you when you judge others). 

Loving Our Enemies – and Everybody! – Freely (March 24 – 27) 

24 – Read Luke 6:27–36; or “Love Your Enemies” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 274) 

25 – On a scale of 1-10, how are you hard on yourself? Give yourself a hug and imagine Jesus wrapping his love around you 

26 – Listen (or sing): Love Your Enemies (YouTube: Kyle Sigmon) 

27 – Think of someone you don’t like. Make a list of their good qualities to remind yourself they are God’s beloved child. 

Holy Week (March 28 – April 4) 

28 – Read Luke 19:28-40; or “Palm Sunday” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 454) 

29 – Have you delivered your items to the Zumbro Food Box Project yet? 

30 – Reflect on how your daily walk of discipleship has impacted you; read “The Chief Priests” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 460) 

31 – Choose one of the important days of holy week and write a haiku poem about what it means to you. 

1 – Make a special meal for your family; or read “The Last Supper” & “Jesus is Betrayed” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 462) 

2 – Write down the sins and struggles you want to bring to the cross today. Say a prayer thanking Jesus for taking them away from you, and tear it into pieces; or read “Christ the King” & “The Day Jesus Died” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 474)  

3 – Play a waiting game: Who can sit still, or hold their breath, or keep their eyes squinched shut the longest? How does waiting make you feel? What makes it easier? 

4 – Happy Easter! Join us online for Easter Worship at 8:30am; and read “The Empty Tomb” (Spark Story Bible, pg. 482)