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How is the Call Process Going?

Since April, Zumbro’s call committee has been meeting regularly, getting to know one another, and making good progress on the first steps toward identifying strong candidates for us to interview in the near future. They’ve been sharing their perspectives on Zumbro’s mission, compiling specific data and congregational history, and working to complete the goals of this thoughtful period. This self-study phase culminates in the completion of the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) which becomes a key document shared with potential candidates as their first exposure to who we are as a Congregation. Once the document is finished, and Zumbro’s Council has approved it, the MSP then goes to our Southeast Minnesota ELCA Synod office where the Bishop reviews and ultimately posts it on our ELCA.org website for all interested candidates to see. If you are aware of a potential candidate, please encourage them to look for this posting on the ELCA.org website! It is the Synod’s impression that as a flagship congregation in desirable, downtown Rochester, Minnesota, we are likely to experience nationwide interest.

While seeking understanding of the leadership qualities needed for a new senior pastor, the committee is informed by Zumbro’s mission and the realities of an ever-changing society. The mission clearly demands dynamic
and innovative leadership.

The congregation’s recent survey has helped us all reflect on our community’s current needs and hopes for the future. Identifying our many mission partners has once again reminded the committee of Zumbro’s active community life and mission-driven ministries that continue to build bridges of understanding and peace, reaching out with compassion. “What a strong and vibrant congregation we have been these past many years,” reports Ann Beatty, Chair of the committee. “Realizing once again the value of our recent building renovations also invites us to dream ahead to how these changes will continue to enhance, not only our worship experience, but our work as a place of greater hospitality and renewal. This is an exciting time for Zumbro to transition into new leadership.”