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Celebrating Our Renewed Place of Mission and Ministry

On Sunday, Sept. 19 we will celebrate and give thanks for our renovated building. In celebration, Bishop Regina Hassanally, our synod bishop, will preach and dedicate the space to the glory of God.

We couldn’t have anticipated some of the ways our building enables us to extend hospitality, enhance worship, and expand mission in light of what has happened over the last year and a half. When we set out on this project, we had no idea how important open spaces, improved technology, flexible seating, greater accessibility, and a high-efficiency HVAC system would be. It has been useful as small groups of youth and adults have regathered to serve and learn, and as we have returned to worship, mindful of physical distancing and air exchanges.

Many Thanks to Our Teams!

Building Visioning Team (2016-2018)

Alan Hansen-chair Pastor Vern Christopherson Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner Jane Callahan Dan Dokken Kirk Gill Bill Horlitz Bob Jenkins Dave Larson Teresa McCormack Mike Neuman Noel Peterson Shelley Sperling

Sanctuary Design Team

Pastor Vern Christopherson Lizzie Cozine Dave Erickson Bob Giere Leah Holmes Steve Kokal Enid Weichselbaum Brenda Wichman Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner

Gathering and Library Design Team

Jenny Bruenger Karen Cohen Rebecca Nesse Joe Beatty Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner

Building Leadership Team (2018-2019)

Chris Gade-co-chair Dave Kinneberg-co-chair Joe Ahrens Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner Jane Callahan Pastor Vern Christopherson Dan Dokken Marne Gade Kirk Gill Alan Hansen Bob Jenkins Teresa McCormack Noel Peterson Shelley Sperling

Construction Team (2019-2021)

Alan Hansen, chair Joe Ahrens Kirk Gill Teresa McCormack Dave Kinneberg Tracy Schar Robert Schneider Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner

Construction & Design Professionals

Dana Hlebichuk, lead architect, Widseth Thomas Fox, architect, Widseth Nicole Pierson, interior design Michael Johnson, project manager, Knutson Construction Chris Holtz, foreman, Knutson Construction

Capital Campaign Team

Ann Beatty, co-chair Bob Giere, co-chair Emily Carson Ben Clarkson Chris Gade Sara Gilliland Jolene Hansen Kari Jadin Tracey McGuire Emily McLaughlin Rob Nesse Phil Quanbeck Mike Willard Otto and Marie Hemmah Jeff and Kathy Windt Pastor Vern Christopherson Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner Pastor Shelley Cunningham

LSS Youth Resource Center Planning Team

Sarah Lichty Cindy Martensen Vicki Erickson Rebecca Nesse Beatty Schmaltz Jan Vetter Kirk Gill Erin Schambureck Teresa McCormack Scott Dalquist

When construction was first completed, it was Luther College Nursing students who met for class in the sanctuary so that they could safely learn about health care in the midst of the greatest health crisis our world has seen in 100 years. It felt so right that these nursing students be in this place at this time. And there are still so many ways we can only imagine this renovation will shape our church and our future as a faith community in downtown Rochester as we move toward the future.

When construction continued, even as the rest of the world shut down, so many good and faithful members made sure this vision would be brought to completion. We owe tremendous thanks to the leadership teams, the working teams, the campaign team, and the staff for their commitment and hours and hours of time to this project over the course of the last five years.