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Faith Formation Game: Week 2

Youth Virtual Paint Night Miesha Maiden | Pexels

This week’s game is a custom made WORD FIND containing words that relate to Zumbro Lutheran (and life in general right now)! Print out a copy for each member of your family – there is a longer version for older kids and an easy version for young ones. To make it a little more interesting, follow some or all of the suggestions below:

1) Pull up the stopwatch on your phone and see who can find all the words first or how many words can you find in a minute. Have some friendly, family competition 🙂

2) Write down what word each of you found first. What made that word stand out to you? What kind of feelings does this word bring up for you? Why do you think that is? Does it bring back any memories? Can you think of a story that relates to that word? How about a Bible story? Some of the words, like Christmas and Easter, have obvious stories attached. What about joy? Or peace? Or love? What does the Bible have to say about those words?

3) What word was hardest to find? Why do you think it was hidden from you for so long? Were you a little frustrated looking for it? How did you feel when you finally saw it? Excited? Relieved? Flabbergasted?! Talk about other parts of life that are a struggle right now. Pray together that God will comfort you and guide you as you “keep on keepin’ on”.

Hang in there! Praying for God’s Peace for us all! Janette