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Communion For Younger Children

Welcoming Children to the table

One of the most meaningful parts of worship for many people is taking communion. Being able to literally ‘taste and see’ that God is good, that our sins are forgiven, and that we are part of God’s family is incredibly powerful.

Fifth grade has traditionally been the time when students have learned about the meaning and history of the sacrament, and started taking communion. However, as more churches have started communing younger children — and, in particular, as more families have come to Zumbro who have already begun this practice — the question has been raised: can we create a place for all to belong at the table here?

In 2012, the church council and Youth Education Team spent time discussing the possibility of opening the communion table to children younger than 5th grade. They made the decision to allow parents to decide if their child is ready.

The next step is to educate parents and children who want to come to the table. If your children have shown signs of being ready to take communion, you are invited to come to class with Pastor Shelley. We’ll talk about what communion means and how it strengthens our faith. After taking the class, you can decide as a family if the time is right for your children. To find out more, e-mail Pastor Shelley or call the church office.

Please note: we plan to continue holding up the importance of Holy Communion as part of our 5th grade education process. It’s a great time for parents and kids to talk together about their faith. And we look forward to sharing God’s gifts with those young people who are discovering their place in the church and growing in faith. For more information about this practice, please watch the video of the January 22, 2012 adult forum.