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Zumbro’s Musical Instruments

52 Rank – Aeolian-Skinner Organ

The organ in the main sanctuary serves as the main instrument in Zumbro’s worship services.

The Grand Gallery Organ was built by the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company of Boston in 1970.  It’s three-manual and pedal action is direct mechanical (i.e., “tracker”), and at the time of its construction was the largest American-built instrument of its kind, comprising 38 stops, 52 ranks, and 2,795 pipes.  This stunning instrument is particularly well suited to the performance of music by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Rohr Schalmey 4 Tremulant
Posaune 16 Trompete 8
Posaune 16 Contra Posaune 32
Mixture IV Contra Posaune 32
Octave 8 Nachthorn 4
Principal 16 Gedeckt 8
Great/Pedal Subbass 16
Positiv/Pedal Swell/Pedal
Cymbel III Regal 8
Principal 2 Chromorne 16
Spillflöte 4 Gemshorn 8
Rohrflöte 8 Trompette En Chamade 8
Tremulant Hautbois 8
Gemshorn Celeste 8
Tremulant Trompete 8 Mixture IV
Trompete 16 Spillpfeife 2 Rausch Quinte III
Hohlflöte 4 Spitzflöte 8 Octave 4
Gedeckt Pommer 16 Positiv/Great Principal 8
Krummhorn 8 Tremulant
Sesquialtera II Scharf III-IV
Quint 1 1/3 Gemshorn 2
Spitzgedeckt 4 Principal 4
Swell/Positiv Gedeckt 8

Tutti I, Tutti II, Zimbelstern

Chapel Positiv Organ

The Chapel Positiv Organ was built in 1962 by the Dutch firm, Flentrop, and was imported by the famed New York Pro Musica Society. This charming instrument is heard on many of the ensemble’s recordings and was utilized for performances at New York’s Lincoln Center Philharmonic Hall. This one-manual organ, comprised of five stops and six ranks of pipes, came to Zumbro Lutheran Church in 1969 by Zumbro’s Director of Music, Merrill “Jeff” Davis, III.

Rutkowski & Robinette Harpsichord

Formerly owned by the New York Pro Musica Society, this 2X8’ #16 was acquired by Zumbro Lutheran Church in 1962 by Zumbro’s Director of Music, Merrill “Jeff” Davis, III. The strings are mechanically plucked and produces several early-day sounds including the lute.