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Call Committee Information

Directing Pastor, Vern Christopherson has announced that he will retire this October. Zumbro Church Council is guided by the Southeastern Minnesota Synod through the process of calling a new pastor.

A Call Committee has been elected and they have launched a survey that will aid in determining some of the qualities the church values in a leader. The four-phased process overview is also found below.

To suggest a candidate name, download the Pastoral Candidate Form.

When a pastor leaves a congregation or retires from pastoral ministry, a Call Committee is formed by the church council to discern next steps in pastoral leadership for the congregation. Soon after Pastor Vern announced his retirement was the election of a Call Committee. Pastor Barb Streed, an assistant to Bishop Regina Hassanally, was assigned the task of working with Zumbro throughout the process of calling a new pastor.

An early task in the process for calling a new pastor is to gather information. The Call Committee created a survey. The congregation answered the survey. The results were presented to the council and then to the congregation. This video is of the presentation held on June 20th.

The time between when a rostered leader announces his or her resignation and the next ‘settled’ rostered leader begins his or her call is a special time in the life of the congregation. It is a time filled with hope and expectation, of questioning and experimentation. Review the four-phases of the Call Process.

Your Call Committee has been working, but the reality of summer absences for all those involved in the process has restrained progress a bit.  We continue to be open to congregational nominations and thank those who have come forward in that way.  We anticipate more substantive news as the fall approaches. Your prayers in support are most welcome!