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It is a part of Zumbro’s ministry to take care of the community built here. Zumbro commissions care ministers from the congregation to reach out with compassion and share the hope of Jesus with those who may be homebound or in care facilities. Care Ministers share spiritual faith and friendship through conversation, devotions, and Holy Communion. If you are interested in becoming a Care Minister or finding out more about the Care Ministry program for you or your loved one, contact Ruth Monson.

Prayers for Healing

Prayers for healing have been a part of the church’s ministry since the first century. Zumbro connects with this ancient practice during worship (third Sunday of the month) by inviting all who request a prayer for healing forward during Holy Communion. People may request prayers for themselves or someone else. This healing may involve any aspect of one’s life–physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, employment, one’s family, etc.