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The Columbarium at Zumbro Lutheran Church is located adjacent to the church, integrated within the church gardens, and in sight of the worshipping community at Zumbro. The Columbarium consists of multiple spaces (called niches) in a specially constructed, aesthetically pleasing framework. The Columbarium has been designed to compliment Zumbro’s unique architecture and with future expansion in mind.

Each Columbarium niche has space for one or two urns in which cremated remains are placed. It is faced with black granite engraved with the name(s) of the deceased and the years of birth and death. The Columbarium also has a Memorial Wall upon which are displayed engraved names of those buried elsewhere who wished to be memorialized in this setting.

If you have decided to be cremated when your life on earth ends, we encourage you to choose the Columbarium at Zumbro Lutheran Church. This choice will provide a secure, dignified, and lasting memorial for you adjacent to Zumbro in a space conducive to reflection and remembering. We promise perpetual care and the utmost reverence of this sacred space. Please feel free to visit the Columbarium at your convenience.

If you have questions, if you need further information, or if you are ready to begin the application process, please contact Business Manager Tracy Schar. A Columbarium board member will be available to talk with you or meet in person to provide assistance.