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Pastor Lisa’s Medical Leave

Dear People of Zumbro, You may be aware that I’ve had a herniated disc in my cervical spine since August. I’ve tried a variety of conservative treatment approaches, including physical therapy and cortisone injections. Unfortunately, these approaches have been unsuccessful in fully relieving the pain I’m experiencing in my neck and subsequent nerve pain in…

The Meaning Found in a Symbol

Beyond Zumbro’s striking roof line, there is a structure on the property that is unique to Zumbro. “It’s a red cross with rings that move.” The Cross of Reconciliation has become a symbol the congregation finds identity in and is the main symbol of Zumbro’s brand and logo. In 1966 when the blueprints for the…

Serve and Honor

It’s not often that you are honored with an act that you did years and years ago. Lyle Solem experienced an “once in a lifetime event” when he pulled up to the La Crosse, WI airport at 5am in May to participate in an Honor Flight. The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created…