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The Way Things Look From Here

The Way Things Look from Here – October 18, 2019

We are moving closer to Commitment Sunday and Wednesday, October 27 and 30. By way of reminder: the Our Church, Our Future campaign is one campaign, with two parts. Our first commitment is to the ongoing ministry and mission of Zumbro. This is our annual appeal. As a congregation, we stepped up to God’s calling…

The Way Things Look From Here – October 2019

These are exciting times at Zumbro. With all that’s going on, you might be finding it hard to keep up with the details. Let me try to be of help. On October 6 we are launching the Our Church, Our Future campaign. This campaign will provide support to keep Zumbro a vibrant and growing presence…

The Way Things Look From Here – August 2019

We gathered as a congregation on Sunday, May 19, for a specially-called meeting. After months and months of deliberation – years, actually – and after any number of conversations about the condition of our building, we finally were ready to make some decisions. The Building Leadership Team, along with several workgroups, had highlighted the core…

The Way Things Look From Here – May 2019

I came to Zumbro in September of 2009. To get acquainted with people, I took part in a series of small group gatherings. I had a list of questions for participants, and they had some for me. One question in particular stood out in my mind: “You call yourself a downtown church – what does…

The Way Things Look From Here

I’m happy to report that I’m back to work at Zumbro … and it feels great! It’s a lot better than sitting around watching daytime TV. In the past week, a couple of doctors and the Mayo Brain Rehab center gave me the go-ahead to return to work part time. I also met with the…