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Our Confirmation Ministry is for our 7, 8, and 9-grade youth and their families. This 3-year program explores what it means to follow Jesus and practice our faith in our everyday lives. This is accomplished by exploring the biblical narrative, experimenting with a variety of faith practices, wrestling with topics that matter to youth, and engaging them and their families in the life and community of Zumbro. The journey culminates with a rite of Confirmation (and Affirmation of Baptism) typically in the spring of their 9-grade year.  

During the 2021-2022 program year confirmation will take place weekly on Wednesday nights at 7:05 PM. Each week our 7th-9th graders will engage in a combination of large and small group learning, service work, worship, and relationship building.

Important Confirmation Links:

During the next several weeks Confirmation will NOT meet in person or over zoom on a regular basis. However, we will be having some friendly, playful (and useful) community and faith growing experiences.

All confirmation youth will be asked to “participate” in at least 4 events (some events can be repeated). But there’s more… there will be amazing prizes for the following:
1) The small group who competes in the most events
2) The individual who competes in the most events
3) Champions in each event area. (you may repeat certain events)

* Some events can be REPEATED and it will count for two events!