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Footer Settings

In Footer Settings section you can enable or disable widget area, set the number of widget columns, put Google Analytics script and apply colors.

To edit footer settings, navigate to Theme Options -> Footer section in your dashboard.


Footer widget area

You can enable or disable widget area in footer and also set the number of columns to show. The max value of columns allowed is 4. Depending a number of columns they will be stretched to cover the full width of footer area i.e. 1 column covers the full footer width area, 2 columns – 50%, 3 – 33%, 4 – 25%.

Use switcher to enable or disable footer widget area.


You can see an example of footer with 4 columns widget area enabled below:

Widgets can be added under the Appearance->Widgets. section. Once you set the number of columns to be displayed, footer sidebars appear in this section automatically:


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Footer text

Here you can put your footer text (copyrights, disclamer, etc…) that will be displayed at the left of footer.


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Google Analytics

You can add your Google Analytics code here.
Sign up for free here, manage your account, get a tracking code and then place it in “Google Analytics” field.


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Footer colors options

This options allows you to choose colors for footer elements.
The image below shows what element control each color option from the image on the left.

But you can also change color and other settings for any element using “Custom Styles” section in “Theme Options”. Check for the needed code in “CSS Tweaks” section of our FAQ.

How to change other theme Colors?

If you need to change some other colors you can check CSS Tweaks section in our FAQ.

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