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The Big Idea

1 week. 1 story. 1 message.

Zumbro is beginning something we’re calling, “The Big Idea.” The goal behind The Big Idea is to focus as much of congregational life as possible around one central theme. This is very similar to what we’ve done over the last five years during our 40-day spiritual events. This focus will include everything from worship, to faith formation, to confirmation.

Why are we doing this? For one basic reason: we are bombarded with more and more information in our world. Our hope is that by focusing at Zumbro on only one main idea, this idea will have a better chance of sticking with worshippers throughout the week. For those in the pew on Sunday, the primary difference you’ll see is that we will normally use only one scripture passage during worship. That scripture passage will be at the center of The Big Idea for the week.

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