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The Big Idea

1 week. 1 story. 1 message.

Each week, the Big Idea gives our whole congregation one theme to ground our journey of faith. The preaching pastor for the week provides the reflection and uses the Big Idea to shape their sermon. But the sermon is just the beginning of a faith conversation designed to help us all engage in our walk with Jesus. 

Use the Big Idea Guide as a personal devotion.

  1. Read through the Bible passage, and write or reflect on the Bible Questions as a way to go deeper into Scripture.
  2. Read the reflection, written by the preaching pastor each week.
  3. Write or reflect on the questions related to the reflection. If you’re short on time, consider using “The 1 Question” as a takeaway from your devotion time.
  4. Close your time with the prayer.

Use the Big Idea Guide in a small group or meeting setting.

  1. Read the Bible passage together, either having one person read it or taking turns by paragraph.
  2. Discuss one question from the Bible Questions, or use all the questions if you’re meeting in a small group.
  3. Read the Reflection, similarly to how you read the Bible passage.
  4. Choose a Reflection Question to discuss or use all the questions.
  5. Close by taking prayer requests from the group and praying the closing prayer together.