Address: 624 Third Avenue SW       Rochester, MN 55902      Phone: (507) 288-2649


Vern Christopherson

Directing Pastor

Jason Bryan-Wegner


Shelley Cunningham


Kristy Giere

Music Minister

Ruth Monson

Congregational Life Minister

Janette Reeves

Family Minister

Jennifer Gruendler

Youth and Young Adult Minister

Connie Saunders

Administrative Assistant

Tracy Schar

Business Manager

Robert Schneider

Facilities Manager

Sarah Lichty

Director of Missions

Margaret Dillard

Communications Director

April Barrett


Karla Dexter

Office Assistant

Bob Giere

Music Associate and Director of the Zumbro Lutheran Choir

William Deng

                                  Dinka Lay Evangelist

Ralph Schornack

Music Assistant